Desktop Management

As more and more people in your organisation rely on IT systems to do their jobs, effective desktop support becomes a critical issue. Managing and maintaining control of them is a time-consuming challenge for most IT managers and an in house Helpdesk operation is normally fraught with potential problems. If you have ever experienced problems with your IT systems you will understand how frustrating this can be, work can literally come to a stand still until the problem is solved.

  • Protection against security threats such as viruses.
  • Protection against data loss and the cost of downtime.
  • Software upgrades are applied regularly to keep the IT infrastructure up to date.
  • Helpdesk to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.
  • Monitoring to identify problems before they become an issue to your users.
  • Sophisticated management tools so that we can see the condition of your network and hardware instantly.
  • Saved time, cost and tempers.