Server Management

Virtually all the critical functions of your business rely on the performance of your servers. Downtime can have incredible costs to your business and therefore secure and reliable server management is becoming vital. FastTeks  will ensure your servers are running smoothly and efficiently, you will gain:

  • Years of experience managing complex server environments making sure the systems are performing at their optimum.
  • Round the clock support from a dedicated support team.
  • FastTeks  use advanced management tools that are able to track and monitor server components and ensure reliability.
  • We use software agents to monitor the health of your servers including the performance of your operating systems, process, services and embracing service.
  • Real time information diagnoses and prevents problems before they disrupt users.
  • Maximum utilisation of both hardware and human IT assets to reduce costs.
  • Management of time consuming systems and infrastructure, freeing up IT staff’s time.
  • Proactively managed IT systems resulting in no disruptions to your daily operations.